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Best Vegetarian Restaurants In Yangon: Where To Find Vegan Salads, Gluten

Despite the booming restaurant scene , it’s no secret that Yangon doesn’t exactly cater to its vegetarians and vegans. While we can boast joints that serve some mouthwatering burgers or quirky , being a herbivore in Yangon is hard… or is it? is a site for the people, and when the people asked us what the best vegetarian restaurants in Yangon were, we answered the call.

Keep in mind that, in general, restaurants will be happy to accommodate your dietary requirements and make a dish vegetarian and/or whip up a few vegetarian dishes that aren’t on the menu. However, that’s a lot of work, and if you don’t speak much Myanmar or are just in one of those moods where you want to enjoy a meal with minimal human contact (we’ve all been there), then check out this list of the best vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city. (In all cases, keep an eye out for small dried shrimps and ask about the use of fish sauce, which is sometimes considered “vegetarian”.)

Nourish Café 36/38B Alan Payar Road

Any restaurant that’s jointly operated and located next to a yoga house must serve healthy helpings of fruits and vegetables, which is exactly what Nourish is and does. The restaurant touts itself as offering “plant-based food to nourish your body and soul,” and has an extensive vegan menu, making it one-of-a-kind in Yangon and quite possibly all of Myanmar. First off, they have two all-day breakfast options: a Chocolate Granola Bowl and Coconut Apple Oatmeal, both of which sound and taste so delicious you feel like there’s no way it can be “health food.” Then there are the main dishes, which include a rainbow-colored quinoa salad and the Nourish Burger. On weekends and holidays, order off their brunch menu and get the Breakfast Burrito, or the Full English Breakfast, which replaces the traditional bacon/egg/sausage spread with tofu, vegan sausages, pinto beans, grilled tomatoes, green beans, sweet potato hash, and two slices of sourdough toast. If you want to indulge your sweet tooth, try their vegan carrot cake, the Coconut Chia Pudding, or one of the “bliss balls.” Nourish also serves freshly brewed kombucha, making it probably the only restaurant in Yangon to do so. Their “glo-bowls” are also a vegan/vegetarian’s dream – our favorite is the Latin Black Bean Bowl, which includes black beans and fresh pineapple piled on top of barley, baked sweet potato, roasted pumpkin and grilled corn, and topped off with a cilantro lemon dressing.

The Marina 63 Taw Win Road, Dagon Township (near the Thai Embassy)

In addition to being one of Yangon’s best Indian restaurants, The Marina is also one of Yangon’s best vegetarian restaurants. Whether you’re vegan or vegetarian (or neither), there are dishes aplenty for you to choose from, and it’s not hard to see why the place is a star on the city’s vegetarian/vegan scene. The butter naan is to die for, and the Palak Paneer and Paneer Tikka are favorites among both vegetarian and meat-loving customers. If you want to start off your meal with a light snack, try the vegetarian spring rolls, the vegetarian dim sum, and/or the mixed vegetarian kebab platter. Next, flip over to the extensive vegetarian mains menu, which includes perfectly simmered mango curry, a colorful Vegetable Jalfrezi, and the crowd-favorite Jeera Aloo. If you’re really hungry, go for their vegetable biryani. Not in a naan mood? Pair your mains with the Kashmiri Pulao, the Ghee Rice, or go with a classic and order some roti. Wash down your spicy meal with a mango or strawberry lassi, or if you’re trying to warm up during the cold rainy season, the Masala Chai Tea is *makes chef kissing noise with fingers*.

Lanmadaw Vegetarian Restaurant 451 Pyay Road, Kamaryut Township

One of the few entirely vegetarian Myanmar-run restaurants, Lanmadaw is a hit among locals who want to eat affordable vegetarian dishes without having to sacrifice taste. The no-frills restaurant is operated by a Chinese family, making it a good call if you’re really in the mood for quality Chinese food, regardless of whether or not you’re a vegetarian. While it might not look as fancy as the other restaurants on this list, it’s an entirely vegetarian restaurant with not a meat dish in sight. That being said, if you don’t read Myanmar, the menu indicates that there are meat dishes on offer, but don’t fret as it’s all vegan “meat” alternatives. So, if you want to relive your meat-eating days or just feel like tricking your meat-eating friends, choose from fish cake, chicken, chicken wings (separate from chicken), squid, prawn, pork, etc., each of which can be prepared four to six different ways. If you’re not really a meat alternative person, Lanmadaw’s tofu dishes are also really good; we personally recommend pairing the hot and sour tofu with a bowl of white rice or fried rice/noodles.

Vedge Indian Restaurant 158/168 Mahanbandoola Park Street

Due to the limited restaurant choices, a popular vegetarian Yangonite trick is to go to Indian restaurants (see above: The Marina). However, an Indian restaurant that also happens to be entirely vegetarian and pretty damn delicious is a win-win for both vegetarians and Indian cuisine lovers, making Vedge a popular dining spot. A hookah bar is set up on the first floor, but don’t worry if you want to go for a family meal, as the ground floor is still a traditional dining area. To share with your vegan friends, order the Kachumber Salad. There’s a sandwiches and pizza section of the menu for those wanting more of an Indian-European type deal (e.g. Paneer Tikka Sandwich). If you’d rather stick to Indian cuisine, we personally recommend the Rajma Chawal, the Dum Aloo cooked in a Hyderabadi style, or the Dal Makhani. And like any respectable Indian restaurant, the dosas and naan at Vedge are top-notch. If at the end of your meal you still have space left for dessert, ask for the Galja Hawar or Phirni, or just a good old-fashioned kulfi.

Monsoon 85/87 Theinbyu Road, Botahtaung Township

Having attracted big names like Bill Clinton, Monsoon and its very, very long menu are a hit among locals and tourists alike. Although the aforementioned length of their menu might seem a bit daunting at first, it’s precisely that abundance that makes the place so vegetarian and vegan-friendly. To share, get the Ah Kyaw Sone (fried vegetable fritters) or the crudité with yogurt dip. In the Myanmar cuisine section, choices include the Pe Thee Sane Thote (bean salad), Kayanthee Hnut (braised eggplant, although ask to remove the dried shimps), or Myin Khwa Ywet Thoke (pennywort salad). In terms of soups, we personally recommend the Buthee Kyarzan Hin Ngar (gourd and glass noodle), or Theesone Chin Yay (assorted vegetables). If you want to dip into other cuisines, there’s plenty more to choose from, including the Cambodian Samlor Chhruoh, or the Thai Pad Thai. Alternatively, go in the opposite direction and order off of their European menu, which consists of staples such as Gazpacho and Spaghetti Aglio e Olio. All of the desserts are vegetarian as well, although we’re partial to the Sago in Coconut Milk. (If you’ve got some spare time after your meal, Pomelo, a social enterprise that sells a wide variety of colorful handmade knick-knacks, is located just a few feet next door.)

Mañana Ground floor of Pearl Condo Block C

One of the few authentic Mexican restaurants in town, Mañana has a separate vegetarian menu that’s just as delicious as everything else on their non-vegetarian menu. Mañana is known for their tacos, and their Viva Veggie Taco and Myanmex Meda Taco definitely live up to the hype. Note that the Viva Veggie and Myanmex Meda options are also available as a tostada, quesadilla, burrito, rice bowl, or salad. The Myeik Style, which contains cauliflower, cabbage, green beans, and onions come in burrito, salad, rice bowl, and taco form. The Tortilla Soup is a perfect starter or side, and their house flan is one of our favorite desserts in all of Yangon. Other vegetarian stars on the menu include enfrijoladas cooked in a wonderful bean sauce, the enchiladas that ooze cheese with each bite, and the simple yet excellent Mexican rice and beans. The Designer Nachos are every Mexican food lover’s dream, and are smothered in caramelized onions, toasted corn, cheese, black beans, a brandy and beer sauce… need we go on? Even if you’re not craving a large Mexican meal, Mañana is still a good place to hang out and catch up with old friends over some of the city’s best homemade chips and guacamole, accompanied by a pitcher of one of their several different flavors of margaritas of course.

Le Planteur 80 University Avenue

We don’t recommend going to Le Planteur for dinner, as vegetarian options on their à la carte menu are almost nonexistent – there’s the Eggplant Cannelloni served with a green pea coulis, and well, that’s it (unless you count dessert). Instead, we would suggest going here for lunch, during which you can fully enjoy their vegetarian lunch set menu. Like all fancy French restaurants, the meal opens with an amuse bouche, followed by an Asparagus and Eggplant Caviar Salad drizzled with truffle oil. You can then choose between the Vegetable Tartlet, or the Spinach and Feta Ravioli (we prefer the latter). Finish off your meal with a crisp and creamy Vanilla and Raspberry Mille-feuille. Be warned though that the set menus are subject to change, so while they’ll probably always have some form of vegetarian menu on offer, it’s best to call ahead and check what they’ll be serving on the particular day you want to visit. At USD49, the lunch set isn’t cheap, but if you need to take guests to an upscale lunch spot – be warned that the vegetarian menu is the cheapest of the bunch – then the price tag might be worth overlooking just this once.

While the Savoy has a somewhat vegetarian/vegan-friendly everyday à la carte menu, we recommend opting for their Green Thursdays’ completely meat-free brunch, which offer a free fresh juice with every meal. Unfortunately, a lot of their vegetarian dishes do contain cheese, so it’s not the best place to go for a hassle-free vegan meal. It’s also a bit tricky to suggest any dishes as the beauty of Green Thursdays is that the menu rotates every week (although not by much, especially for the vegetarian options), so while it’s a bit of a gamble, it’s also a great way to ensure that you’re not stuck eating an identical meal from one week to the next. That being said, you can sort of predict what the menu will be. For starters, it’s almost always a salad, although in the past they have had Fried Camembert complete with raspberry jam, mixed leaves, and a house dressing, as well as Grilled Vegetables with a balsamic dressing. If you like rice and/or Italian food, the good news is that the main course will almost always be some form of risotto; in the past, the menu has featured a Lemon Thyme Risotto, Wild Mushroom Risotto, and an Herb Risotto. The best part is the dessert, which can be anything from an Apple Crumble served with caramel ice-cream and a zesty lime curd, to a tried-and-true slice of warm chocolate cake (paired with ice-cream, naturally). A two-course meal costs USD16, and three courses will set you back USD19.

Nepali & Indian Food 648 Merchant Road (between Shwe Bon Thar Road and 39th Street)

The restaurant’s name is as straightforward as its food, which, as it touts, is strictly vegetarian Indian and Nepali cuisine. The choices are limited compared to a larger Indian restaurant, but on the plus side, you get peace of mind from the knowledge that everything is “only vegetable”. The flavors more than make up for the shop’s deceiving simplicity, with the biryani being among the best in Yangon. For the really hungry folks, order the fantastic and filling Thali set, or go down the traditional route and get a rice and curry set. If you’re with friends, get a few different dishes to share – we really like their Mushroom Matar, Shahi Paneer, and the Chana Masala, all of which come in nice big portions – along with some homemade plain or garlic naan. In the mornings, freshly made Aloo Puri, Chapati, and Dosa are all available from 7:30am to 9am, as is a steaming ginger-infused brew of Masala Chai (vegans can ask for soy milk). Be warned that they’re closed on the 11 th of every month, but otherwise feel free to eat to your heart’s content on the other 29 or 30 days of the month.

Đặc Sản Cá Song Biển,Dac San Ca Song Bien

Đặc Sản Cá Song Biển

du lịch Cô Tô– Đảo Cô Tô có nhiều loại hải sản quý hiếm trong đó cá song biển là loài có giá trị dinh dưỡng cao. Cá song hay còn gọi cá mú là một loại cá luôn được coi là đặc sản từ xưa đến nay. Cá song thuộc loại cá nước mặn, sống ở biển nhiệt đới, tập trung nhiều loài ở vùng biển Thái Bình dương.

Hải Sâm Cô Tô

chương trình– Đảo Cô Tô có nhiều loại hải sản quý hiếm trong đó cá song biển là loài có giá trị dinh dưỡng cao. Cá song hay còn gọi cá mú là một loại cá luôn được coi là đặc sản từ xưa đến nay. Cá song thuộc loại cá nước mặn, sống ở biển nhiệt đới, tập trung nhiều loài ở vùng biển Thái Bình dương.

Nước ta có tới 30 loài cá song, trong đó có vài loài được ưa chuộng vì có giá trị cao như cá song vạch, cá song chấm tổ ong, cá song đỏ, cá song hoa nâu… Cá song thuộc nhóm cá dữ, ăn mồi động vật, thường săn mồi ở nơi yên tĩnh, khi thiếu mồi có thể con lớn ăn con bé. Cá song là một loại cá hoàn toàn có thể nuôi. Tuy nhiên hiện nay tại Việt Nam nguồn cá song chủ yếu được đánh bắt trong tự nhiên.

Cá song tự nhiên được coi là đặc sản bởi hàm lượng chất dinh dưỡng và hương vị thịt rất thơm, ngon và bổ dưỡng. Hiện cá song chủ yếu được bán và chế biến trong các nhà hàng cao cấp, các khách sạn và luôn được coi là đặc sản. Cá song biển có thể chế biến được nhiều món ăn bổ dưỡng như: gỏi cá song, cá song hấp xì dầu, cá song nấu canh chua, lẩu cá song…

Các Món Ăn Chế Biến Từ Cá Song

Cá Song nấu măng chua

– Xào hành, cà chua cho ra bột, xào măng chua, bỏ gia vị mắm muối cho ngấm, nêm vừa chua

– Đun ít phút cho măng chín mềm

– Bỏ cá đã cắt khúc vào nồi, đun thêm vài phút cho cá chín vừa mềm, không nát. Cá Song tươi thì không nên rán qua như – các loại cá khác,

– Nêm lại vừa ăn ( hơi nhiều chua ), thì thả hành mùi cắt khúc, lấy ra. Ăn với rau sống, rau muống chẻ, dấm tỏi.

Cá Song nấu cháo

– Lọc lấy lườn cá thái hạt lựu, ướp mắm muối, mì chính

– Xương bỏ vào nồi ninh lấy nước

– Phi thơm nhiều hành, cố gắng hành tím, hoặc hành ta, đừng bỏ hành tây

– Cho lườn cá vào xào thơm, chín vừa, kỹ quá cá teo lại.

– Nồi nước xương cá lọc lại, để nấu cháo

– Khi chuẩn bị ăn mới múc thịt cá sang nồi cháo, nêm nếm vừa mặn, ngọt, đun vài phút nữa

10 Adu Pesona Moon Ga Young

Pesona kakak dan adik ini bikin pangling!

Moon Ga Young dan Kim Min Gi (Berbagai Sumber)

Selain adegan Joo Kyung dengan Su Ho maupun Seo Jun, para penonton juga dibuat gemas dengan adegan ketiga saudara Im di True Beauty. Salah satunya interaksi antara Joo Kyung dengan adik laki-lakinya, Ju Young. Layaknya kakak dan adik pada umumnya, keduanya mempunyai berbagai momen akur dan jahil di KDrama ini.

Selain mempunyai kelakuan yang iseng, kakak dan adik ini sama-sama mempunyai paras yang memesona, lho! Yuk, kita lihat adu pesona mereka di bawah ini.

1. Tokoh Joo Kyung yang diperankan Moon Ga Young ini digambarkan sebagai perempuan yang insecure terhadap parasnya

Moon Ga Young (

2. Ia lahir sebagai anak kedua dari tiga bersaudara dalam keluarganya

Moon Ga Young (

3. Punya perbedaan umur yang tidak terlalu jauh, Joo Kyung dan adik laki-lakinya Joo Young sering berbuat usil dengan satu sama lain

Moon Ga Young (

4. Sering menjadi korban jahil Joo Young, ia tetap sabar menghadapi adiknya ini

Moon Ga Young (

5. Bahkan, Joo Kyung juga sering meminta bantuan kepada adiknya dalam beberapa adegan di True Beauty

Moon Ga Young (

Lanjutkan membaca artikel di bawah

Editor’s picks

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6. Sementara itu, Joo Young sendiri digambarkan sebagai adik yang sering mengisengi kakak-kakaknya, terutama Joo Kyoung

Kim Min Gi (

7. Mulai dari memotret muka Joo Kyung yang kocak hingga menjual helm Seo Jun, ia telah melakukan berbagai macam kejahilan

Kim Min Gi (

8. Tak hanya itu, Joo Young juga dikenal pintar dan jago dalam bermain games

Kim Min Gi (

9. Im Joo Young sendiri diperankan oleh aktor pendatang baru, Kim Min Gi

Kim Min Gi (

10. Aktor di bawah asuhan HM Entertainment ini juga memulai kariernya lewat True Beauty

Kim Min Gi (

Itu adalah beberapa potret Moon Ga Young dan Kim Min Gi yang memerankan kakak dan adik di True Beauty. Apakah kalian juga senang melihat interaksi kocak mereka?

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Berita Terkini Lainnya

Han Ga In Plastic Surgery Rumor Before And After Pictures

Plastic surgery issue is not a new thing for Han Ga In. The rumor about her plastic surgery has spread at least since 2007. Until now, South Korean actress who played in popular film Architecture 101 and drama Moon Embracing the Sun rumored to get at least nose job and eyelid surgery.

Han Ga In Nose Job

It can’t be denied that many of plastic surgery patients in South Korea have the nose job done. Han Ga In is also one of Korean celebrities whom rumored to get this plastic procedure. The rumor rose after her past photos widely spread on the internet.

Her recent nose has been considered to getting the work done. Many people believe that Han Ga In’s nose is not 100 percent natural anymore. The nose job or Rhinoplasty procedure is the reason for her nose change.

Her nose specialist seemed to perform a minor rhinoplasty. The result of it is subtle and good enough. As we can see in Han Ga In before and after plastic surgery pictures, he nose has been well reshaped.

Her past photos show that her nose was not as good as hers today. It was a bit flatter than her nose shape these days. Han Ga In herself didn’t clearly admit that she gets this procedure. You can make your own opinion anyhow.

Han Ga In Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery, one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in South Korea seems also done on Han Ga In. The 32 years old actress has been rumored to get this eyelid surgery since she has a bit different eyelids shape.

In many cases of eyelid surgery, the patients want to make their eyes look bigger. But different with mostly Korean who wanted to make their eyes look bigger, Han Ga In just reshaped her eyelids.

As we can see in her before-after pictures, Han Ga In actually has big eyes look since she was young. But the eyelid surgery (or also known as Blepharoplasty) has refine her eyelids, made it much better and suit her eyes well.

Han Ga In together with other South Korean celebrities like Choi Ji Woo, Ku Hye Sun and Sandara Park seem unable to avoid plastic surgery issue. They reportedly get the help of plastic surgery to enhance their beauties. See Choi Ji Woo, Ku Hye Sun and Sandara Park plastic surgery results.

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